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Open 24 hours in neon writing

William Van Gordon, lecturer in Psychology at UDOL talks about open access publishing and tells us how he publishes research to maximise impact.

World Championship Martial Artist and lecturer Charles Spring discusses the benefits of older people taking up martial arts.

A pile of books in a whirlwind shape

Simon Peter Nadeem, Supply Chain Improvement PHD candidate, discusses whether access to academic research should be free and open access.

Yasuhiro Kotera, Academic Lead for Counselling at University of Derby Online Learning (UDOL), talks about the impact of hospitality work on Mental Health.

The word security on a computer screen

Tariq Abdullah, Academic Lead for Computing & IT at University of Derby Online Learning discusses whether our internet is becoming more vulnerable.

A bench in a street in the dark

For National Home Security Month, Tony Blockley at the University of Derby looks at the correlation between crime levels and the time of year.

coffe with a shape on the foam

Professor James Elander, Head of Centre for Psychological Research at the University of Derby, talks about caffeine addiction and effect it has on the body.

person meditating by a pool

Few resources focus on how meditation can go wrong. Here are the top ten mistakes made by meditation practitioners.

Cakes food and wine

Ewen Crilley, Hospitality Operations Trainer at the University of Derby, gives his simple guide to wine and food pairing to help you get the perfect match.

Person with brown hair looking to the left

Dr Sophie Williams, academic lead in Psychology at University of Derby talks about why we need to raise awareness of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).