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A bicycle courier on a wet street at night sending a text on his mobile phone

Brendan Moffett discusses how the latest guidelines issued by the government are affecting businesses in the hospitality and tourism sector and what support is being made available to support them through the coronavirus crisis.

A mother home schooling her child with a laptop

Dr Sarah Charles, Head of the University of Derby's Institute of Education, offers advice to help parents and carers with home schooling during school closures prompted by the coronavirus outbreak.

A Robbin sitting on a Cherry Blossom twig

Professor Miles Richardson explains the benefit of noticing nature while our mental wellbeing is challenged by the impact of coronavirus.

A landscape image of a lake and moorland

Dr David Elliott has extensive multidisciplinary experience researching how microbes impact upon our lives and environment. Here he examines how far the latest government Budget will go to advance environmental sustainability in the UK.

Two females laughing at each other

Research by University of Derby Online alumna Freda Gonot-Schoupinsky led to the Laughie, a new way of improving wellbeing by encouraging people to laugh. In this blog, she explains why it is smart to laugh.

Social media icons superimposed over a smartphone resting on a computer keyboard

Maria Potempski, Lecturer in Marketing and Public Relations at the University of Derby, explores the global populations addiction to social media.

Scrabble tiles on a red background spelling out the word plan

Dr William Van Gordon, Associate Professor at the University of Derby looks at why psychological wellbeing should be included in Coronavirus Action Plan.

A person working on a computer tablet with a larger monitor in the background

As we approach The National Day of Unplugging, a 24-hour period over 6-7 March which encourages people to unplug and do things other than using their electronic devices, Dr Tariq Abdullah, Academic Lead in Computing and IT at the University of Derby highlights the value of disconnecting from digital devices.

A popup book with a pirate, treasure, and ship.

Rebecca Petronzi, English Lead for Primary Initial Teacher Education at the University of Derby, talks about World Book Day and explores the value behind the costumes and commercialisation.

A pupil in a classroom environment looking into the foreground

Professor Frances Maratos discusses whether in terms of the health and well-being of our pupils and teachers, the UK education system is arguably nearing breaking point, after recent reports reveal that up to 54% of teachers state their job ‘often’ or ‘always’ impacts negatively on their mental and/or physical health.