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Lots of brands in Times Square New York

Maria Potempski, Lecturer in Marketing and PR at the University of Derby, explains her top tips to maintaining your reputation when crisis strikes.

Woman voting in america

Dr Ruth Larsen, Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Derby, discusses why Victoria Woodhull is a huge role model in this day and age.

Business  suit and tie

Craig Keegan, Sport Performance Manager at the University, shares his knowledge of an athlete's mindset in the business world and how to find a way to win.

A doctor on a laptop

Dr Andrew David Dainty, lecturer, registered nurse and researcher working within the Health, Psychology and Social Care at the University of Derby, talks about Irritable Bowel Syndrome and whether psychological treatments can help the common, long-term condition.

 A finger touching Facebook on a colourful smartphone

Dr Zaheer Hussain, Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Derby, discusses new research revealing that Facebook use can increase levels of self-esteem.

A crowd at YNot festival

Ben Sams, Lecturer in Media Technology at the University of Derby, gives the key ingredients to running a successful UK music festival.

Purple trainers

Whether you’re gearing up for your first marathon or a 10km, long distance running is a mental battle as well as a physical one. Philip Clarke, Lecturer in Psychology at University of Derby Online Learning, discusses how to train your mind for long distance running.

Person writing on a pad with an orange background

Be it in music or writing, plagiarism – “stealing other’s ideas” – is a complicated and yet serious offence. So how can universities help students improve their writing and avoid it? Professor James Elander, Head of Psychological Research, gives his top tips.

Students looking towards a screen

Mohammed Jakhara, Head of Department for the Institute of Education at the University of Derby, offers advice to teachers to help students during Clearing.

An aeroplane in the sky with star correlations

Professor Judith Lamie, Pro Vice-Chancellor, talks about Derby's international partnerships and the benefits of adopting a global outlook.