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Student doing coursework with coffee, laptop and notes

Emily Webb shares her advice on the first year at university for other students in their first year and prospective students who are finishing their A-levels.

Books on a shelf

Disney’s latest remake Beauty and the Beast, starring Emma Watson and Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens, will hit cinema screens on 17 March. While this new take on a classic will capture the imagination of a new generation, Dr Simon Heywood, Lecturer in Creative Writing, explores the story’s origin as a folktale.

Bank notes and coins

Today (March 8, 2017), Philip Hammond delivered his first Budget as Chancellor. Here, Melanie Powell and Eugene Michaels, both Lecturers in Economics at the University of Derby, explain exactly what it means.

Student looking into a microscope

To mark International Women’s Day, Aradhana Mehra, Head of the Research Centre in the College of Life and Natural Sciences, explains the importance of encouraging women to pursue careers in science and technology (STEM).

person texting on an iPhone

Dr Zaheer Hussain, Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Derby, gives his top tips on how to cut down smartphone use and embrace a digital detox.

group of people in huddle gathered playing shrovetide football

Ruth Larsen, Senior Lecturer in History, discusses the tradition of Shrovetide Football and why the game is now as popular as ever.

Cocoa beans on table

Imagine a world without chocolate. No chocolate biscuits, no chocolate cake, no chocolate pudding at Christmas, no Easter eggs, and no chocolate for Valentine’s Day. Unimaginable? Well, that could potentially become our reality if we do not support the farmers that provide us with cocoa beans, which make our chocolate.

Professional chef posing for photo

Chris Jones, former professional chef and inspirational teacher in Hospitality and Culinary Management, shares his experiences and stories to be successful.

Chocolate cupcakes

Fiona Holland, Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Derby, explains why giving something up for Lent is hard and offers her top tips to help you achieve it.

An american flag blowing in the wind

Dr Phil Henry, Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Derby, discusses the likelihood of US President Donald Trump facing impeachment action.