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Christmas book

Revd Adam Dickens, Anglican Chaplain, discusses whether there is a traditional way of celebrating Christmas and where the tradition originated from.

Fine Art student painting

David McGravie, Head of the School of Arts at the University of Derby, explains why an arts education is important and how it can benefit students.

Snowy picture with a house

Lisa Wakefield, Lecturer in Tourism and Spa, looks at the pros and cons of staying at home or going on vacation during the Christmas holidays.

Microphone titled The Great Debate

Business and political leaders meet at the University of Derby to consider how the city can respond to the challenges and opportunities of Brexit.

Kanya King smiling

Kelly Tyler speaks to MOBO founder Kanya King MBE about her pursuit to drive urban music from the margins to the heart of mainstream culture.

cinema seating rustic cinema

Russell Cherrington, Senior Lecturer in Film Production, discusses the different sub-genres within horror films and what he loves about them.

Books in a library and a ladder

Lucy Ayre, Open Access Librarian at the University of Derby discusses Open Data and Researcher IDs as part of our series of blogs for Open Access Week.

Two hands holding , one elderly

To mark World Occupational Therapy Day 2017, Lisa Ledger at the University of Derby, discusses why the profession is so important across the globe.

A halloween picture with candles and pumpkins

Thomas Neuhaus, discusses the history of Halloween and where traditions originated from and how it has developed over the years.

Clown in black and white

Professor Frances Maratos, Reader in Emotion Science at the University of Derby, explains the psychology behind why people are afraid of clowns.