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A laptop, phone and notepad

Bruce Wiggins, Senior Lecturer in Electronics and Maths at the University of Derby, discusses some of the best apps on the market to help you remain sociable… at a distance.

Two laptops and a pile of documents on a table

With much attention on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on labour markets, Nicholas Apergis, Professor of Economics at the University of Derby, explains how important it is for firms to maintain their labour force.

A woman stretching in front of a window

What will be the impact of the ‘new normal’, under lockdown and characterised by social distancing? While coronavirus has brought tragedy to many, in this blog, Dr Natasha Yasmin Felles, Clinical Psychologist and a Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Derby, looks for where there may be positive outcomes of our shared experience.

A blackboard with various math related content drawn on it in chalk

With many parents and carers faced with the challenge of teaching their children maths during the current lockdown, Dr Tom Hunt, Associate Professor in Psychology at the University of Derby, discusses top tips for parents on how to ensure they are supporting their children’s maths learning without the stress.

Wooden board game with counters and a dice

As we enter an extended period of lockdown many of us are looking for ways to entertain ourselves and our families at home. Dr Ian Turner, Professor at the University of Derby, explores the benefits of boardgames and provides 10 top tips for making your own.  

Wooden blocks with letters on spelling out PLAN

Dr Ainslea Cross, Academic Lead for Health Psychology at the University of Derby, discusses how health psychology research and practice can help maintain the motivation needed for keeping active while staying at home and provides us with some tools and tips to follow.

A female sitting down reading a book

The English, Creative Writing and Publishing academic team at the University of Derby have put together some of their suggestions to take your reading in a new direction.

Smartphone with social media icons overlaid in the foreground

Dr Dean Fido, Lecturer in Criminal Psychology at the University of Derby, and colleagues from across the UK look at whether we are really addicted to social media or if it's the technology, or simply our need for a connection with people, that is the addiction.

Wooden blocks with letters on spelling out SUPPORT

Brendan Moffett, Director of the University of Derby's Centre for Contemporary Hospitality and Tourism, discusses what measures are being made available and what new initiatives are being adopted to support the sector through the Covid-19 crisis.

Two excited children using a laptop

With many people taking to home schooling their children for the first time at the moment, Dr Ian Turner, Professor at the University of Derby, shares his top online learning resources for children.