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Dr Sophie Williams, Academic Lead in Psychology at the University of Derby, looks at the reason why pregnant women have been excluded from clinical trials for the Covid-19 vaccine and the history behind the decision. 

Research Nurse Jessica Jackson, the lead author of Public Health England’s ‘Understanding and addressing inequalities in physical activity’ report (March 2021) explains in this blog why, as we begin to emerge from lockdown, we urgently need to address its negative impact on the health and wellbeing for those at the greatest risk.

children's hands and feet in a team circle

Dr Caroline Harvey and Dr Frances Maratos explore the impact of the pandemic on group working.

Child reading a book

For World Book Day, Creative Writing and Publishing academics from the University of Derby share their memories of books from their childhood, or which remind them of being children.

Coloured wooden blocks with letters spelling 'RESILIENCE' sit on a wooden background

Dr Koushik Das Sarma, Programme Facilitator for the Small Business Leadership Programme (SBLP) at the University of Derby, explores how business resilience feeds into business strategy, and draws on some of the questions and feedback he has heard from SME leaders currently on the programme.

An animated green leaf with a cityscape above

Dr Gary Wright, Senior Researcher in Low Carbon Technology at the University of Derby, looks at how businesses will play a big part in the UK's commitment to making a ‘net zero’ contribution to the world’s carbon emissions by 2050 and explains the ingenious ways that firms here in Derbyshire can reduce the environmental impact of their operations and cut their costs.

Workers walking at a quarry site wearing high-vis clothing and hard hats

As the University of Derby marks National Apprenticeship Week 2021 (8-14 February), Andy Dowling, Apprenticeships Business Development Manager at the University, explores why a blend of 'off' and 'on the job' training is proving to be a winning formula for students and businesses alike.

Computer code. Credit: Markus Spiske

What have we learned from the plethora of data being used to analyse and plan the response to the Covid-19 pandemic? Richard J Self, Senior Lecturer in Governance of Advanced and Emerging Technologies, argues that one thing it has taught us is to question whether the model being used to collate information is the right one, in the right context, for its data to be trusted.

White Apple keyboard with a green shopping trolley icon on the 'return' key

Parminder Johal, Head of Discipline for Accounting and Finance, and Richard Maksymowicz, Associate Lecturer, both at the University of Derby, discuss online retailers taking on high street brands and explore the impact Covid-19 is having on long-standing retailers.

Person holding an old fashioned alarm clock in their hand in which small jigsaw pieces are flying from.

Dr William Van Gordon, Associate Professor of Contemplative Psychology, University of Derby looks at the concept of ‘time blindness’, whereby a person’s perception of time becomes distorted due to prolonged periods of lockdown – and discusses some strategies for reducing the impact.