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A group of people clinking drinks over a table

Brendan Moffett, Director of the University of Derby's Centre for Contemporary Hospitality and Tourism, gives his assessment of the government's Eat Out to Help Out scheme.

A man with a laptop open on his lap working from his bed

Counselling and psychotherapy academic Yasuhiro Kotera, of the University of Derby, examines how working from home during the pandemic can affect our sense of wellbeing.

A hand holding an pocket-watch style analogue stopwatch

Dr Tom Hunt, Associate Professor of Psychology, and Steve Chinn, Visiting Professor, both at the University of Derby, explore  'quick maths' and its role in the world of mathematics.

The Covid Talks logo

Professor Keith McLay, PVC Dean of the University of Derby's College of Arts, Humanities and Education examines how historians are continually enabling us to see into the future.

A rave crowd with green laser light

As the government introduces fines for organisers of illegal raves, Tony Blockley, Head of Policing at the University of Derby, explains why these events pose a criminal, as well as a health risk.

An open laptop on a desk with video conferencing software open on it

Dr Jane Montague, Head of Psychology at the University of Derby, explores the opportunities and challenges the growth of video conferencing has brought.

Wooden letter blocks forming the words 'new normal'

Dr Sigrid Lipka, Associate Professor in Psychology at the University of Derby, discusses the challenges of being a university student during the 'new normal'.

A fork in a path in a forest with a sign which reads:

During the spring and early summer there was speculation that students would shun university places for September, turned off by the prospect of a perceived lesser experience – especially if all of their studies were online. But any concerns about prospective students deferring their university places as a result of the pandemic are increasingly misplaced.

Student outside Markeaton Street smiling at the camera

Joanna Baker, Psychoeducation Co-ordinator and Therapist at the University of Derby, explains the steps new students can take to prepare themselves for the leap into higher education.

A woman sitting at a desk with dual monitors in a modern office environment

Mark Wheddon, Head of Delivery for Invest to Grow at the University of Derby, reflects on what support the Invest to Grow programme has been able to offer business during COVID-19.