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Dr Sarah Charles and Dr Alison Hardman at the University of Derby, discuss the role of a 'teacher' and reasons for sick leave within the profession.

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Gerri Mortimore, Lecturer in Post-registration Health Care at the University of Derby, asks is alcohol really all that bad?

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Dr William Van Gordon from the Centre for Psychological Research at University of Derby discusses mindfulness as a solution to stress-related illness.

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Professor Frances Maratos, Reader in Emotion Science, and Jayne Trovati, PhD student, explain give top tips to parents who have children who are picky eaters.

Children playing in the snow

Fiona Holland and Caroline Harvey, Lecturers in Psychology at the University of Derby, discuss why parents should encourage their children to play outside.

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Jane Lowe, Head of Apprenticeships at the University of Derby discusses what businesses still need to know about the apprenticeship levy almost a year on.

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Professor Keith McLay discusses the criticism surrounding the British Army's new recruitment campaign, which promotes the emotional support given to troops.

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Yasuhiro Kotera, Academic Lead for Counselling at the University of Derby Online Learning discusses the history of hypnosis and how it works to help people. 

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Revd Adam Dickens, Anglican Chaplain, discusses whether there is a traditional way of celebrating Christmas and where the tradition originated from.

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David McGravie, Head of the School of Arts at the University of Derby, explains why an arts education is important and how it can benefit students.