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How the Apprenticeship Levy helps us fight cybercrime

In the wake of serious cyber attacks last year, both nationally and globally, the University of Derby has been focusing on their ongoing commitment to increase our cyber-security. James Eaglesfield, Head of IT Security, Governance & IT Portfolio explains how the Levy helps us fight cybercrime.

By James Eaglesfield - 15 March 2018

We have been utilising the Apprenticeship Levy so that we are able to support the development of existing IT staff to acquire new skills to ensure that we have a highly skilled cyber security team.

Learning on the job

Using the apprenticeship route is a fantastic way for the University to showcase itself as an employer and a training provider. We are able to provide our staff with further development in their role while they achieve an academic qualification.

Ensuring we have the right skills and knowledge to fight cybercrime has been a key critical business need. We work closely with our academic and apprenticeship colleagues to ensure that the programme content and systems/ processes meet the needs of both our developing staff and the business.

Commitment to our staff

Programme Leader, Kim Smith, has been instrumental in the discussions around programme content for the University's IT staff. Through the incorporation of degree apprenticeships into the University's portfolio of learning for students, we are pleased to see that our staff are also being supported to develop and that the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy has enabled this to happen.

It must not be under-estimated that apprenticeships do take time and commitment from all parties, however, this is a great way of combining academic learning and real-world learning to give a first class experience; resulting in a high performing and capable employee.

Having a dedicated apprenticeship team on hand to guide and support both line managers and employees, has ensured that the University of Derby's Levy has been put to good use, and not only for new recruits, but also, for the development of our current staff.

New world learning

Navigating through this new world has been a huge learning curve for all parties, but now being able to capitalise on development through the apprenticeship route, and fund it through the Levy has created additional training opportunities at all levels. In particular the degree apprenticeships have provided opportunities for the staff who did not get the chance to study at degree level. It is never too late to learn, achieve and get qualified.

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James Eaglesfield
Head of IT Governance and Portfolio Delivery

James Eaglesfield is the Head of IT Governance and Portfolio Delivery at the University of Derby.