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Global impact

Our experts in the International Centre for Guidance Studies (iCeGS) have produced over 150 research publications in the areas of careers education and guidance since 1988.

ICeGS has consistently addressed lifelong guidance and has produced work on careers education and guidance in schools, on disengaged young people, further education, higher education, human resource management and unemployment.

The Centre has worked in a range of countries including the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, the USA, Sri Lanka, China and Malaysia. The majority of the Centre’s research has been funded by government or by leading policy stakeholders.

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Using new technologies

One area of research has been to explore the role of new technologies used in careers work.

Work for the UK Commission for Employment and Skills explored how the internet could be used to provide information, as well as mediated advice or guidance to young people. Using observations of practice as well as interviews and workshops with stakeholders, our researchers generated models of service delivery to incorporate online careers services.

The researchers have also explored the effectiveness of online career mentoring and support for young people.

Analysing transcripts of hundreds of online interactions, our work has shown how to conduct high quality career guidance at a distance through both telephone and online channels. It has also mapped the terrain of what is possible with respect to career guidance at a distance and how such services fit with conventional face-to-face services.

Our influence

Our research influences national and international government policy.

Professor Tristram Hooley was appointed as the Specialist Adviser to the Education Select Committee Inquiry into Career Guidance for Young People and met the Labour Party shadow ministers responsible for career guidance.

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