Career Development Policy Group

An emergency career development plan to maintain employment, productivity and progression post-Covid-19

The Career Development Policy Group brings together a range of organisations who believe that it is essential that citizens have an opportunity to access support in their careers. The group works with government and other stakeholders to develop policies and initiatives that support career development.

In this paper, we argue that the government needs to respond to the Covid-19 crisis by taking the following actions.

• In the short-term. A £26 million fund should be created to ensure that allow education leavers, unemployed workers and those being made redundant following furloughing can access high-quality career guidance between now and the end of 2020. This money could be channelled through existing agencies and used to take on additional careers professionals to deliver support where necessary. If 1 in 89 people who received a careers interview were able to find and keep a job that they otherwise would not have found, this service would pay for itself.

• In the medium-term the infrastructure for career guidance needs to be enhanced so that career guidance can be more consistently embedded across the life course. A new careers strategy should be published in January 2021 to replace the current strategy, which ends in 2020.

• In long-term England needs a review of the current, fragmented career guidance system and the creation of a more robust lifelong guidance system.  

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An emergency career development plan

Open letter to Gavin Williamson for a Career Guidance Guarantee

The Career Development Policy Group and the Fair Education Alliance have written an open letter to the Secretary of State calling for the Department for Education to introduce a Career Guidance Guarantee for young people and unemployed adults.



This letter calls for every young person and unemployed adult to have access to career guidance to support them to make informed decisions. It is essential that individuals can find the destinations that are right for them so that they can make the most of the available opportunities post Covid-19. 

We had over 800 signature to this letter, and we hope to publish an update soon.