A place called home: Living with the University of Derby video transcript

The University of Home from Home

[Upbeat music plays]

The camera pans around a student's bedroom. The student walks to University. We see a student in the kitchen in halls wearing an apron and eating something and laughing. 

A Heading reads Harry Ellis, Geography student

Harry: Living with the University of Derby is amazing

We see a headshot of Mechanical Engineering student, Tan Wilkinson in their room in halls. 

Tan: I'm close to town, close to my lectures, I have great support in halls. 

Geology student, Charley Logan sits in their room decorated with fairy lights. In the background, there are cushions and a big teddy on the bed.

Charley: It's such a nice flat, it's so spacious. 

We see Jack Walker who is an Accounting and Finance student in their room in halls, sitting in front of two large computer monitors. 

Jack: It's such a positive experience because you do meet a lot of lifelong friends. 

Heading reads: Living with the University of Derby 

[Upbeat music plays]

Separate camera shots of all four students laughing, talking and smiling.

Camera shows a student's room with a bed and noticeboard. 

Standard room

Jack: In the standard room you get a single bed and next to it you get a lovely noticeboard which I've mostly used for pictures. 

Premium standard room

The camera shows a double bed with a colourful dinosaur duvet on it, shelves with books and decorations on and a sign that says 'geology rocks'. Then we see the room lit up in the dark with fairy lights around the window and a patchwork quilt on the bed.

Charley: I have an absolutely unnatural obsession with dinosaurs.

En suite premium room

Camera shows a close-up of a bed, near a window. The bed has matching blankets and cushions and an open laptop on it. The camera pans round to show a corkboard and whiteboard on the wall and then pans round to a view out of the window showing some trees and the back of some houses.

Tan: Coming through here the first thing you see is your bed, it's a three-quarter size bed and it has all under-bed storage as well. I've got my weekly planner which I've only just started to do today.

Standard room

Camera shows wardrobe, desk and washbasin in a standard room, then it gets close to show the sink and mirror in more detail, then Jack shows us his computer screens and desk.

Jack: The wardrobe itself is huge. It can fit all my clothes, and it's got some nice drawers at the bottom. You've got the sink here which is pretty handy for the mornings. It's really useful for brushing your teeth and washing your face in. Most importantly to me, I've got my computer and my gaming set up. 

En suite premium room

We see Tan's desk containing a computer, keyboard, printer and chair. 

Tan: You got your desk chair which you can swivel, and then I've got my printer on here. 

Standard room

Jack: Halls itself offers really good internet so it's ideal for gaming and there's no hidden costs or fees for the internet, it's just flat out brilliant to begin with. 

En suite premium room

We see Tan in their room with a snowboard leaning up against the wall.

Tan: One of the great things about living in halls is I do not have to worry about paying for electric bills heating bills or water bills because it's all included, and I can relax.

Standard room

The camera shows a distant shot of Jack playing computer games.

Harry: You have Jack's room. There's Jack playing on his games, say hi Jack. 

Standard bathroom (shared)

We view a large bathroom with a shower, washbasin, and toilet.

Harry: Then we have a nice large bathroom. It's absolutely enormous as you can tell. 

Premium bathroom (shared)

The camera shows a standard premium shower room. 

Charley: We've got the shower racks for everyone to keep their shampoo and conditioner. 

Camera shows a kitchen with a microwave oven, toaster, cupboards, cooker and fridge freezer. 

Jack: Here we've got the communal kitchen. The microwave, toaster, oven, massive fridge and that's all you could really want in a kitchen, there's so much space in here. 

We see another kitchen in the halls, with tables and chairs. The fridge door is opened showing space inside and the freezer part with drawers of frozen food. 

Charley: So as you can see there's loads and loads of cupboard space which works out perfectly.

The camera shows street shots of Derby.

Tan: You're so close to all the shops and the shopping centres.

Camera shows Jack walking in Derby city centre. 

Jack: It's a nice little town to have a walk around, you've got plenty of old buildings plenty of good, quaint little shops to have a look in as well.

Jack goes into a supermarket.

Jack: One thing I like to do while I'm shopping is make sure I've got a good idea of what I want to have that week so that way I don't overspend and it helps me really stick to my budget. 

Camera shows Tan in a kitchen in halls. 

Tan: I've just been to Tesco Express to do a really quick food shop so I'm going to show you what I've bought.

Tan puts the items they have bought on top of the oven. 

Tan: So we've got some toilet roll, some bread, sweet potatoes, chicken, avocados, strawberries, some fabric conditioner and some houmous as well. That is my light food shop for the weekend. 

Camera shows Charley walking and then cuts to a street view near a park. 

Charley: I'm just on my way to uni because I have a vulcanology lecture. 

[Upbeat music plays]

The camera shows someone using their student ID card to get into University. 

Tan sits in their room.

Tan: Each hall has a set of residential assistants. RAs are students who basically live in halls and also work in halls as well. 

Shot of students having a gathering in a common room. The camera shows Charley walking in the dark. 

Charley: At the moment I'm off to work.

We see students cooking, mixing flour in a bowl making biscuits, putting them in the oven, and icing them.

Charley: We're holding a cookery class in the common room because I'm a social rep and we hold events for everyone in halls. 

Student: Can I lick the bowl?

Charley: No!

We see a close-up shot of Tan leaving their room in halls.

Tan: Just about to go off snowboarding now with everyone from the snow sports society and I can't wait

The camera displays scenes out of the window of the coach showing the journey. Then we see an indoor ski slope with people skiing and snowboarding down it.

Tan: Did you have fun? 

Student: A lot of fun!

Camera pans out to show students at the bottom of the slope chatting. We see Jack with a headset on in front of two large computer screens in his room in their halls.

Jack: So for me, Tuesday nights are e-sports nights when we compete so halls is an ideal place because we've got high-speed internet. 

Harry sits in the kitchen in halls.

Harry: I've just realised that there's a petting zoo outside so let's go take a look.

Students are outside stroking a donkey in an enclosure, goats are eating straw. We see turkeys and another shot of the donkey. 

Tan sits in their room.

Tan: Living with the University of Derby is great. You're close to town, you're close to where your lectures are, you've got shopping just around the corner and you make great friends here.

Charley sits in their room.

Charley: It's so easy to socialise with everyone, it's such a central location, it's just so much fun.

The camera shows Jack in his room. 

Jack: I definitely would recommend it to anyone.

We see a close-up shot of someone slicing vegetables, and cooked chicken wings on a plate, a close-up of a bowl of pasta, and some tomatoes and eggs on muffins.

Jack: It's a good experience for teaching you a bit of independence.

Harry: My experience living here has been amazing and it's down to the staff and just the ease of living here. It's been amazing. 

Harry laughs and smiles.

A place called home: Living with the University of Derby video

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