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Student reps

Student reps, helping us help students

The student voice is so important in what we are achieving at Derby. Our students help in shaping our degrees to enable us to keep improving and meet your needs and aspirations. 

We do this through our comprehensive student representative system. For each course we have at least two student representatives per year. These are elected by their peers and undergo training by the Student Union. They sit on various committees and have regular 'catch up' meetings with the Head of Sport and Exercise and Head of School of Science.  The reps obviously develop a good rapport with their peers and this has been enhanced through the use of electronic media such as blogs and email lists.

Rebecca Adams, first year rep, comments:

"It's great, I really feel that we are listened to and have an input into our degree."

Final year rep, Craig Farndon says:

"Becoming a student rep has allowed me to build a good rapport with lecturers, develop my communication skills and gain more of an insight into the exciting opportunities Derby University Sport and Exercise department has to offer its students. I would recommend the role of becoming a student rep to anyone."