College of Arts, Humanities and Education staff

Matthew Parry
Senior Lecturer in Initial Teacher Education

As a Senior Lecturer in Initial Teacher Education (ITE), Matthew is responsible for overseeing all of the Computing and ICT content across all of the ITE programmes at the University. He regularly provides continous professional development opportunities for schools within the locality and runs a Computing At School hub for teachers at the University three times a year.

Niall Hickman
Lecturer in Journalism

Lecturer in Journalism

Dr Rhiannon Jones
Post Doctoral Researcher

Dr Rhiannon Jones is an arts practitioner and resident artist at Primary Studios, Nottingham, UK. She is currently a Post Doctoral Researcher for the Digital and Material Artistic Research Centre (DMARC), College of Arts at the University of Derby.

Kim Muir
Lecturer in Education

Camilla Clayfield
Lecturer in Textile and Fashion Design

Dr Erin Lafford
Postdoctoral Research Fellow in English

Erin Lafford is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in English

Dr Victoria Barker
Research Impact Officer

Research Impact Officer

Sarah Chapman
Sarah Chapman
Senior Lecturer in Journalism

Senior Lecturer in Journalism

Paula McCloskey is a Post Doctoral Researcher in the School of Arts

Alex Ward talking at an Open Day
Alex Ward
Lecturer in Journalism

Has a BA (Hons) degree in English Literature and Theatre Studies and an MA in Broadcast Journalism. After spending two years as a broadcast journalist in radio, he made the move to Wolverhampton Wanderers FC, where he was responsible for the club's video content for nine years, managing the club’s website and developing Wolves' social media channels.

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