Transport and Smart Cities Research Cluster

We pledge the development of future smart and decarbonised cities. More than half of all public space is dedicated to roads, car parking and infrastructure. Urban dwellers are exposed to noise and pollution because of car-centric planning. 15-minute city transition pathways aim to get cities free of urban emissions; they are based on the implementation of smart integrated solutions of sustainable forms of transportation. 

Our aims

We aim to explore and apply our vast experiences on innovations for integrated solutions to transform the cities by adopting new mobility systems that support urban climate neutrality and flexible strategic policies. 

Our research focuses on the following areas:

Research Cluster Team

  • George Dixon, Senior Lecturer in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Dr Yiling Lu, Senior Lecturer in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Dr Marzena Pawlik, Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering
  • Jenny Clementson, Senior Project Manager/Postgraduate Research student, CoSE and IISE, Chartered Engineer
  • Dr Ahmad Kharaz, Reader in Intelligent Instrumentation
  • Dr Sabuj Mallik, Head of Discipline of Engineering within the College of Science and Engineering
  • Dr Shahed Motaman, Lecturer in Motorsport, Engineering
  • Dr Jianfei Xie, Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering
  • Professor Zhiyin Yang, Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical/Motorsport Engineering, Chair of College Research Ethics Committee
  • David Hindmarsh
  • Helen Bailey, Lecturer in Mineral Products, Enterprise centre
  • John Austin, Senior Lecturer in Mineral Products Technology
  • Chris Rowan, Programme Leader and Senior Lecturer Mineral Extractives Technology, Enterprise Centre, 
  • Marcello Lepore, Mechanical Engineering, (Associate Professor at University of Trieste)
  • Dr Fei Shao, Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering and visualisation
  • Awa Nkole, Surveying and Construction Management Lecturer
  • Shan Rambukwella, Project Manager – Innovate 4 Rail at University of Derby
  • Dr Tarek Jomaa, Senior Lecturer in Motorsport Engineering
  • Dr Becky (Rebecca) Rawson, Lecturer in Sustainability and Environmental Management

Our research

Structural health monitoring for wind turbine blades via graphene self-sensing adhesive layer joining fibre-reinforced plastics

By Dr Marzena Pawlik (University of Derby), Dr Maozhou Meng (University of Plymouth)

Project period: January 2020 – September 2021.

This joint project explores the manufacturing process of electrically conductive graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs) reinforced adhesive for fibre reinforced plastics (FRP) composite and develops a wireless structural health monitoring system. Infusion epoxy was chosen as the structural adhesive in this project due to the low viscosity and bonding capacity. Various GNPs dispersion processes were investigated, and percolation threshold was identified at 0.75wt%. Arduino and low power Bluetooth were chosen as the microcontroller and wireless transceiver due to their low energy consumption and modest transmission distance. We have chosen single-lapped joint FRP composite laminate to demonstrate the performance of the system.

ERDF project Innovate 4 Rail 

By Shan Rambukwella, Project Manager

This three-year project started in July 2020 with the aim of developing new products and solutions for the rail industry. This is through through supported access to facilities at the Universities of Derby and Birmingham and facilitated themed events/workshops.

The Innovate 4 Rail project has been created to stimulate and support innovation and drive productivity among small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire (D2N2) Rail Sector Supply Chains. Our researchers in this area support collaborative research and innovation projects with rail supply chains. The objective is to drive up productivity, sustainability and growth. We do this by stimulating the adoption of new technologies and techniques within the rail industry, providing a local support infrastructure and enhancing investment.

Technology areas: 

Join us

If you are interested in our research, would like to join the research cluster or are considering applying for a PhD in this area, please contact Dr Eleni Tracada.


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