Data Science

Data Science is one of our six research themes. Our research in this area aims to support external organisations to understand, visualise and enhance their data-driven decision-making, which will deliver tangible benefits to partners, society and the economy.

Why this research matters

Almost every industry and organisation has now embraced digitalisation to improve products and services, increase efficiency and productivity or reach new audiences. Through digitalisation, organisations are producing vast amounts of data that is often not fully exploited. Data science improves the collection and curation of data, uses datasets and also combines datasets from different sources to enable companies and organisations to better understand their data and derive valuable insights for better and smarter data-driven decisions. Data science can support safer, more secure systems and data infrastructure as well as extracting insights to enable intelligent innovation. 

Data science is now widely adopted and plays a central role in our societies and economies. It is used to combat crime, for better medical diagnostics and zero-defect manufacturing.  Central to the data science research is the ethos to work with companies and organisations to help them make better use of the massive volumes of raw information they gather and improve their competitiveness.

Our vision and approach

Our Data Science research builds on the academic expertise in the data science field. We develop collaborations with academics in a range of other discipline areas to extend the scale and impact of innovation and data-driven decision-making.  This approach, that is partner and problem-led, will deliver tangible benefits to partners, society and the economy making us the partner of choice for data science solutions.

While continuing to develop our fundamental data science research in designing new algorithms, models and platforms, we use our unique setting and expertise to contribute to some core application domains. Data science research and development at the University of Derby focuses on three main clusters;

Our research

Data science touches a range of organisations and sectors. Find out how our research is helping to improve efficiencies, decision-making and profits for our partners.

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Data Science Research Centre

Discover more about our research through our Data Science Research Centre.

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Farid Meziane

Professor Farid Meziane
Head of the Data Science Research Centre

Professor Farid Meziane is the Head of the Data Science Research Centre at the University of Derby and the Chair of the College of Science and Engineering Research Committee.

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Data-stream analytics research

Ground-breaking data science research at the University of Derby is delivering both technical and economic benefits for major organisations such as CERN. We are transforming the speed and efficiency of data analytics on huge scales.

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Computer solutions research

University of Derby expertise in edge computing is helping businesses to capture and process data for faster decision-making – including improving their response to the Covid-19 pandemic. We are giving solutions that help our partners gain the competitive edge.

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Our research students

Find out about some of our postgraduate research students and the projects they are working on.

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