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Making an impact

At the heart of our University's strategic framework is a simple promise to make an impact: everything we do is driven by delivering excellence and opportunities for our students, staff and region. This promise is embedded in our research, knowledge creation and innovation activity too: it's all focused on making a practical, positive difference to people’s lives regionally, nationally and globally.

We are committed to delivering research that makes a real-world impact and our ground-breaking discoveries. Our research is focused into six research themes that are aligned to some of the local and global challenges we face. The interdisciplinary nature of our research enables us to deliver impactful and innovative solutions, concepts and technologies. We are committed to delivering research that makes a real-world impact. Our discoveries directly link back into our curriculum with our students receiving the most up-to-date and inspiring education possible. 

You can browse through our themes below to see how we've already made a difference to health, business, education, the environment, communities, arts and culture, and many other areas of society. 

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Research case studies

From helping people live with chronic pain, to using environmental DNA research to trace endangered or invasive species. Learn about some of the research projects we've worked on and what the outcomes have been.

Explore our case studiesExplore our case studies
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