Business, Economic and Social Policy

Business, Economic and Social Policy is one of our six research themes. Our research in this area aims to make a real difference to business, economy and society regionally, nationally and internationally. We will advance and share knowledge in all its forms and impact on public policy.

Why this research matters 

In a world of scarce and diminishing resources, we all need to help find the path to a sustainable future – to better businesses, economies and societies. For businesses, this could mean being efficient, profitable and supporting sustainable growth, in a way that minimises resource depletion and pollution, while being responsive and resilient to turbulences in the environment. For policy-makers, this means supporting ethical, evidence-based policymaking that improves income, access to justice and equal opportunities and the well-being of all members of society. It is shaping a stronger and safer society for all.

Our research is helping to bring about this future. It is supporting economic vibrancy and resilience, social justice and sustainable development – at regional, national and international levels. We focus on supporting both large businesses as well as the field of entrepreneurship, spin-outs, start-ups and SMEs, and influencing the government agenda on enterprises. We also focus on improving social cohesion, recovery, and regeneration.  

Our vision and approach 

Our research has a real-world focus with our aim to make a real difference to business, economy and society regionally, nationally and internationally. All our innovative research is founded on ethical principles and a commitment to advancing and sharing knowledge and impact on public policy.  

We approach business, economic and social policy with an open mind and in an independent way, alongside being conscious of but not constrained by history. Our commitment to identifying the underlying research questions and our unprecedented breadth and depth of expertise means we bring together research from different fields to develop the best, innovative and evidence-based solutions.

Our research

Research into business, economic and social policy spans a wide range of areas and can impact numerous stakeholder groups. Explore some of our research centres and case studies below to see how our existing research is making a change in the real world.

Hassan Yazdifar.

Hassan Yazdifar
College of Business, Law & Social Sciences: Head of Research & Innovation University of Derby: Head of Research Theme for Business, Economic and Social Policy

Professor Hassan Yazdifar is the Head of Research and Innovation at the College of Business, Law, and Social Sciences. Hassan also has cross-university responsibility for the development, direction and performance of the academic theme of Business, Economic and Social Policy.

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Strategies for a greener economy

With the low-carbon economy critical to UK business growth, researchers from the Derby Business School at the University of Derby have pioneered effective strategies to support more firms to incorporate green practices into their operations.

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Lean logistics research

Innovative research into green-lean and lean logistics is enabling transport, manufacturing and emergency medical service industries worldwide to combine improvements in productivity with a stronger environmental performance.

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3D printing research

University of Derby research has delivered metal 3D printing solutions for a range of industrial applications, helping businesses to improve their efficiency and productivity.

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Our research students

Find out about some of our postgraduate research students and the projects they are working on.

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Discover our innovation and research across our five other academic themes.

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