Zero Carbon Manufacturing, Business, and Energy Research Centre

The Zero Carbon Manufacturing, Business and Energy Research Centre carries out world-leading research to provide local, national, and international impact in the fields of manufacturing processes, supply chain management, and renewable energy. The focus is on low-carbon and net-zero solutions with whole-life-cycle sustainable systems at the heart of all our objectives. 

Our aims

Since the international adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015, the Paris Climate Agreement (2016) and a rising tide of national and local strategies, an increasing emphasis has been placed on accelerating the adoption of low-carbon technologies. The central aim of the “Zero Carbon Manufacturing, Business and Energy Research Centre” is to transform these strategies into real-world actions for the benefit and impact at both local and national levels. 
Alongside this top-down approach, all stakeholders need to play their part in the zero carbon systems, as well as consider the environment. A Zero Carbon future does not only provide us with an opportunity to combat the negative impact of climate change but also for our societies to socially and economically develop and safeguard the well-being of all. New economic and industrial opportunities will be created by transitioning to a Zero Carbon society.  
The University of Derby has a multi-level role to play in research associated with the transition to a Zero Carbon world. We will influence business support projects as well as urban and environmental sustainability initiatives, in addition to helping local pro-environmental firms find opportunities in the green economy. The Zero Carbon Manufacturing, Business, and Energy Research Centre is inclusive in the sense that all research activities are stakeholders in a Zero Carbon future.  Our science, technology, and engineering expertise are central to developing the new and adapted technologies for a Zero Carbon world. Through our expertise, experience, and networks in the world of business and commerce, we have a key role to play in assisting the adoption of new processes, products and systems.
We seek to reduce waste streams and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in manufacturing and to improve productivity. Our current research interests include technical expertise in machining hard alloys, understanding the fundamentals of metal cutting including tools and machines and coolant delivery and sump systems. Expertise in Design for manufacturing, Additive manufacturing of metals and polymers, medical device manufacturing, standards in manufacturing, PPE manufacturing, and mechanical testing are just some of our capabilities. In the Energy sphere, we assist both public and commercial clients to decarbonise their processes and businesses. This assistance is not only technological but can include change management and leadership considerations, as well as social, environmental, and economic impact assessments. 
In summary, the Centre carries out research into the adoption of zero and net-zero carbon solutions, to provide impact through its focus on manufacturing, materials, and supply chains; renewable power generation and dispatchability, including energy storage.  This research offers new opportunities to inspire within our undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and learning, and our research outputs are reflected in our teaching.

Join us

If you are interested in our research and would like to find out more, would like to join our research centre or are applying for a PhD in this research area, please contact Research Centre Lead Professor Chris Sansom for more information.