Sophie Mead picture "The Fold 2017"
3 May - 12 May 2017 University of Derby, Markeaton Street, Derby, DE22 3AW

Event date: Wednesday, 3 May 2017 at 10.00 AM
Running until: Friday, 12 May 2017 at 5.00 PM


3 May - 12 May 2017


University of Derby, Markeaton Street, Derby, DE22 3AW

About the Event

Photography Matters

A meaningful example of photography does not come into being by relying on the technical facilities of a camera. It requires the careful construction of a work, more often than not a collection of related images made over a period of time and subject to sustained research and development. The process will involve a degree of creative risk. It will include failure and frustration. Repetition will take place to refine methods and approaches. Images will be edited and selections will take place. Gradually, a work will evolve that means something. This practice requires careful nurturing of a certain kind of looking: a sensitivity for the overlooked, the uncanny, the remarkable in the vernacular. No matter how complex and technically advanced a camera might be, it will not, by itself, produce a work that provides a creative, imaginative and informed response to issues in our lives and culture.

The photographers presented here have made works that draw attention and give pause for thought to things, concerns, events and experiences in our lives. They have done so in a wide variety of approaches and methods. In short, they tell stories through the qualities of their own vision and they have chosen to do so through the specialised and creative use of the medium of photography.

Through a critical photographic practice they are finding their voice. We encourage you to take the time to both look and listen.

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