MA Three Minute Dissertation Competition

Date and time
Wednesday, 22 May 2024
10.30 - 14.00

Kedleston Road Campus,
DE22 1GB

The MA three-minute dissertation competition provides an opportunity for our postgraduate students on the MA English, MA Global Affairs and Politics and MA History programmes to deliver research presentations in just three minutes and with one slide. This event is part of the series of events connected to the annual Festival of Humanities, which is running at the University of Derby for the second time in late May 2024. 

During the competition, our students will be judged based on the content and quality of their delivery, with an emphasis on their ability to outline the argument, impact and/or results of the research connected to their postgraduate dissertations. Whilst they have up to 15,000 words to outline their findings in their dissertations, which are due in August, this task encourages them to condense and summarise their ideas within the space of three minutes. A critical component that our students will be considering is how to make sure that they present their findings in a format and tone accessible to non-specialist audiences. 

Presentations will range from the role of the media and democracy in contemporary Slovak politics, to the significance of emotions when remembering and memorialising the sinking of the Titanic, to the gothic literature of Edgar Allen Poe. So come along to hear about some of the fantastic research that is going on within the Humanities at the University of Derby.

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