An Introduction to Non-Traditional Data Collection Methods

Date and time
Monday, 1 July 2024
09.30 - 16.00

Enterprise Centre
Bridge Street

Session overview

This face-to-face session will introduce non-traditional data collection methods including photovoice/elicitation and media resources including YouTube videos, newspapers and television shows.

Learners will be introduced to photovoice and photo-elicitation, including the background of the methods, when and how they have been used, and explore ethical and practical considerations of the method. Learners will also explore why, how and when we might utilise media such as newspapers, TV programmes and YouTube videos. Learners will look at this using different methods and consider appropriate analysis methods. Finally, learners will explore what real-world impact these types of data collection methods can have.

By the end of this session, learners will:

Learners will be provided with:

About the Session

Dr Alex Barker has expertise in using non-traditional content analysis methods, especially in public health research exploring unhealthy commodity promotion in the media. His work has had real-world impact in identifying and removing alcohol and tobacco marketing and content from popular TV programmes and events, such as ‘Love Island’ and Formula 1 Motorsports.

Dr Sophie Williams is a published qualitative researcher with expertise in photovoice and photo-elicitation, amongst other non-traditional qualitative methods. Sophie particularly utilises non-traditional qualitative methods in long-term conditions and women’s health research.

  • Full cost - £200
  • Discounted cost - £150 (students, NHS workers)

Lunch and refreshments included in the attendance fee.

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