International Simulation Challenge

Date and time
Wednesday, 8 May 2024 -
Friday, 10 May 2024

Britannia Mill,
Mackworth Road,
DE22 3BL

About the event

We're excited to host the International Simulation Challenge at the University of Derby in May 2024. 

Running for three days, this event is a multifaceted experience that combines elements of emergency crisis management, interdisciplinary collaboration, and strategic decision-making in the context of international health and social care. 

Participants, organised into teams, will navigate through a series of simulated scenarios that mirror real-world challenges faced by healthcare and social care professionals globally - such as a disease outbreak scenario or major incident response exercise. 

The event incorporates a competitive element, with teams vying to demonstrate the most effective and innovative solutions to the simulated challenges. After each simulation, participants engage in debriefing sessions to reflect on their decisions and actions. 

Beyond the simulations, the event provides networking opportunities for participants to connect. 

The event aims to be an engaging and transformative experience, providing a unique platform for participants to develop and showcase their capabilities in tackling complex global challenges in the fields of health and social care.

If your university would like to participate, please complete the expression of interest form no later than 1st April 2024. 

This event is sponsored by Limbs & Things and Sim and Skills.


Stock image of young boy in a war torn setting
Refugee family in a shelter

More details

1, The event is open to teams of pre-registration nursing, health and social care students (either based in the UK or international).

2, Applying Universities will need to send a team of 10 pre-registration students (preferably accompanied by two academics per team).

3, Applications made on behalf of a University must be made by an academic representative and not by individual students.

4, Arrangements around travel, insurance, and accommodation must be made by the visiting University.

Learning outcomes

These learning outcomes aim to prepare participants for the complexities and challenges of international health and social care, fostering skills that are essential for effective and compassionate practice in a global context. 
1.    Participants will enhance their interdisciplinary communication skills in a simulated global healthcare environment.

2.    Participants will develop the ability to make timely decisions and allocate resources efficiently during simulated emergencies.

3.    Participants will develop skills in resource allocation and sustainability, considering limited resources in the context of international health and social care.

4.    Participants will enhance their cultural competence by considering diverse cultural factors that impact health and social care. 

5.    Participants will reflect on their performance, decisions, leadership and teamwork during the simulation challenge event.

6.    Participants will identify areas for improvement and apply lessons learned to enhance their skills in future health and social care simulations or real-world scenarios. 

Provisional areas for simulation activities: 

1.    Disease outbreak  
2.    Operational planning 
3.    Mental dysregulation in acute settings 
4.    Migrant/refugee exercise 
5.    Major incident response  
6.    Mental Health trauma  

Expressions of interest

University representatives are to complete a link to expression of interest form no later than 1st April 2024.

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