Strengths-Based CBT for Vulnerable Clients and Chronic Issues Agenda - Events - University of Derby

Strengths-Based CBT for Vulnerable Clients and Chronic Issues Agenda

Tuesday 7 June 2016


Strengths-Based CBT: Foundations

  • DEMO: Identifying client strengths
  • Therapist choices & guiding principles
  • Broadening the definition of strengths
  • Identifying Strengths: Group Practice
  • DEMO: When there are challenges to finding strengths


Build Vulnerable Clients’ Resilience

  • DEMO: Constructing a Personal Model of Resilience (PMR)
  • Best places to look for existing client resilience
  • Debriefing experiences through a resilience lens
  • The evidence base for SB-CBT’s resilience protocol
  • DEMO: Apply the PMR to a problem area
  • Fostering client practice of resilience
  • Constructing a PMR: Group practice

Wednesday 8 June 2016


Integrating SB-CBT and Evidence-Based Therapies

  • DEMO: Collaborative case conceptualizations & strengths
  • Strengths-based treatment plans
  • Navigating choices in evidence-based practice
  • When do you consider a therapy focus on positive qualities?
  • Q & A: Integrating S-B CBT with classic CBT


Chronic Difficulties and S-B CBT’s NEW Paradigm

  • Focus on constructing the NEW: Why and when?
  • DEMO: Construct the NEW
  • Words, imagery, kinesthetic experience, memories & metaphor
  • Group Practice: NEW Paradigm methods
  • DEMO: In session behavioral experiments
  • Debriefing experiments through the NEW
  • The Future of Strengths-Based CBT