MA Visual Communication

MA/MDes Design is a highly flexible Masters which offers you either a broad MA Design qualification, or a choice of six specialist MDes qualifications in Graphic Design, Illustration, Fashion, Textile Design, Interior and Spatial Design, or Product Design. You will redefine and develop your individual personal direction in a rich learning environment, using traditional and advanced new technology facilities at our Markeaton Street and Britannia Mill sites.

Binfeng Li

Starting from myself, I hope that love is love and everyone should have the right to love.

With the increasing number of homosexuals and the gradual awakening of the rights and interests of homosexuals, the legitimate rights and interests of this group should be paid enough attention. However, the recognition and legislation of gay marriage in China are still at a blank stage. Therefore, it is necessary to use a thought-provoking story to reflect the legalization of gay marriage. Through such a design to explain the normality and universality of homosexuality, a more rational understanding of homosexuality.

An excerpt from a hand drawn graphic novel.

Charlotte Adderley

In my project I investigated the different forms and definitions of interactivity in such as how children’s books and artist books can be made of different materials like Bruno Munari’s books, Emma Yarlett’s Nibbles book or Charlotte’s Piggy Bank by David Mckee. I also looked at how these books encouraged the reader to interact with them. Through experimenting with how the narrative can affect the shape of the book and my interest in dinosaurs, I made a story about an explorer searching for dinosaurs. The book folds out to reveal a larger image inside. 

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A hand drawn image of a colourful dinosaur in the sea.

Chloe Taylor

My project is about the way youth are stereotyped through technology such as smart phones. I placed human characters in a number of environments with a phone screen covering their faces or simply interacting with the phones. Animal heads can portray a stereotype while adding a hint of humour; mocking these interpretations of youth. Inspired by old fairy tale illustrations, I decided to draw the animal heads in black fine liner to indicate that what they represent is make believe. The bodies are collaged pattern paper, giving a more modern and real look compared to the animals. The background was done with pencil within random shapes, due to the fact that our surroundings become unfocused when we stare at a phone. 

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A drawing of a wolf emerging from a tablet computer.

Ran Wan

The purpose of my project is to appeal to people to protect the environment and save nature. I’m going to design four different illustrations on the theme of air pollution, marine pollution, soil pollution, and the melting of snow-capped mountains caused by global warming. Actually, the inspiration comes from the movie "Point Break". The theme of this film is to convey environmental awareness to the audience through the form of extreme sports. In this the communication is much more powerful.

In my project, I’m calling for people to protect the environment by means of extreme sports. Different extreme sports reflect different environmental elements. Generally speaking, four extreme sports, skydiving, diving, rock climbing and skiing respectively embody air pollution, marine pollution, soil pollution and global warming.

A silhouette image of a person skiing down a tree lined mountain.

Rhys Bassett

‘TALK’ – A Short Animated Documentary.

‘TALK’ documents and explores the experiences of three young men, specifically looking at their mental health and the unique difficulties they have perceived as young men.

‘TALK’ aims to promote more open discussion of personal and mental health issues specifically for young men by presenting just that.

A further aim of ‘TALK’ is to breakdown and present these internal and complicated concepts, using the medium of animation to present them visually.

Thank you again to Joe, Josh and Rich for sharing your experiences.

A drawing of two figures in a radio studio speaking on microphones

Yue Xu

My work was inspired by a documentary about how many albatrosses on midway died from eating plastic.

After market research, I found that plastic bags occupy a larger part of plastic waste. Since many people are not in the habit of reusing plastic bags, or often forget to bring shopping bags when shopping and buy new plastic bags every time, which leads to excessive consumption. So, in my work I used the technology of digital embroidery to embroider my paintings on old fabrics; then used a splicing technique to make a shopping bag from “old fabric” and designed a key chain and small bag, called a “HE BAO” in the traditional Chinese style, and put the plastic bag in it. In this way, we can avoid buying new plastic bags when we've forgotten to bring shopping bags with us, and develop the habit of recycling.

Embroidered fabric and bags laid out on a table

Yun Chao Ma

The first thing this design would like to say is that this current design concepts and ideas are derived from modernist graphic design style and the transformation of Chinese traditional calligraphy font.

‘The 24 Solar Terms’ is the whole name of the system that consists of 12 major solar terms and 12 minor solar terms linked with each other. It reflects the climate change, guides agriculture arrangements and also affects people’s life.

I tried to understand the Chinese solar term culture, which I was very interested in through the research of Chinese solar terms culture. I found that the wisdom and thoughts of ancient Chinese were hidden in 24 different solar terms. I used the computer to design and make a solar term font. Firstly, the font is changed according to the traditional Chinese calligraphy, so it has strong decoration to make the audience more comfortable. And what I try to do in the design is to subtract more complex strokes so that the audience can understand the message more clearly and directly.

Digital images of Chinese solarised images as a font.