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Freshers is often a crazy time, filled with a mixture of nerves and excitement about starting university. Izzy Moxham-Mead lists five tips for Freshers’ that she wished she had known before starting her first year. 

Group of friends at a picnic, two people are looking at a phone screen and smiling.

Everyone wants to make new friends whilst at university. Izzy Moxham-Mead has just finished her first year of studying and made some fantastic friends along the way. In this blog, she gives her top tips on what you should remember when making new friends. 

A student deciding which shoes to pack

Digital Marketing student, Izzy Moxham-Mead, lists the items she found useful to take when moving to university. 

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Ruth Sims, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Derby, gives parents and carers some advice on how to navigate results day, especially if things don't go exactly as your child planned.

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Benas Ruzgys shares some useful information, tips and tricks, along with his monthly maths to help you manage your budget.

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Ioana Batcu shares the art of student budgeting based on what she's learned from both good and bad experiences. 

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Sam may have cracked the code and racked up a decent set of life hacks that have proved to breathe new life into his bank balance and helped him to budget more. Sit back, take notes and learn how to budget better.

Creative Writing masters graduate Laura Stroud works at her laptop

Laura Stroud explores five ways that studying a Creative Writing Masters at Derby has helped her personally and professionally.

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Lauren's experience over the past three years at the University of Derby has been filled with so many different opportunities that she never would have experienced had she not called the Clearing team and secured a place.

Mohika Shankar sits in a classroom

Mohika Shankar, a second year international student, answers common FAQs international students may have about moving to the UK for the first time. From what to bring with you from home, to what British weather is like and her favourite cities to visit.