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Top tips for making friends at university

Everyone wants to make new friends while at university. My name is Izzy and I study BSc (Hons) Marketing (Digital). I have just finished my first year of studying and made some fantastic friends along the way. These are things to remember when creating important friendships.

3 August 2021

Be open

It is essential to be open to making new friends. University is the perfect opportunity to diversify your friendships and speak to people from a variety of backgrounds.

Ask people to hang out

I know it can seem daunting to ask new people to hang out but put yourself out there. This is especially important in the first few weeks at university when everyone is keen to make friends. Why don’t you ask people to grab a drink or go shopping?

Say yes

Similarly, make sure you say yes to things. You never know where a fun memory will be made or where you'll make new friends. So, if your friends are arranging a pub visit or a cinema trip, make sure you’re there.

Be yourself

It is important to be yourself, so you attract the right people in your life. By being yourself, you will attract like-minded friends and build those meaningful connections.

Students playing table tennis in halls
A group take a selfie in a cinema screen

Here are a few ways to meet friends whilst at university:

Everything can seem daunting during the first few weeks at university. I hope these pointers are helpful for you and you make some incredible memories at university.