Category: Student Life

A distressed student lying on the floor covering face with hands

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed as a student. This blog will help you assess your stress levels, understand the importance of managing stress and provide you with techniques to keep calm.

Woman's hands catching water in a shower

With energy costs increasing, it can be difficult to cover bills as a student. Here are five easy methods to save energy, reduce costs and lower your carbon footprint.

Individual holding a plant

Masters Creative Writing student, Medha Godbole, encourages us to think and be responsible.

World map assembled in green leaves

Olivia shares easy things to think about as a student that go towards helping the planet, while saving money!

Shopping with a canvas bag in a supermarket

When considering your grocery shop, are you thinking of price, convenience, or sustainability? A few quick swaps can allow you to easily shop sustainably on a budget. Here's a few tips.

Person sitting crouched on their bed.

First-year Journalism student, Cecília Dettmer Gonçalves, shares her advice on how to deal with homesickness as an international student. 

Girl concentrating using a laptop

University is often our first experience of being financially independent. Final year student Izzy shares her strategy of making it easier to manage money.

Three students and a professor at KMUTT in Thailand

Computer Science student Robert headed to Thailand for a month to expand his scientific and mathematic knowledge. 

Birds eye view image of Derby City Centre

Final Year BA (Hons) Journalism student, Johnathan Cowden, provides his advice on the best things to do in Derby.

Image of an individual walking with a suitcase and backpack

Masters Creative Writing student, Medha Godbole, provides her advice on how international students can be prepared for their journey with the University of Derby.