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Tips for managing
exam stress

It can be overwhelming to get into preparing for exams or end of year assessments. Kate Wood, our project leader for Mental Health & Productivity Pilot and Work Health Hub, helps identify which kind of behaviours to follow or avoid.

By Kate Wood - 20 April 2023

1. Keep it in perspective

Pen writing against a date in a calendar

2. Get organised

Sand trickling into a sandtimer

3. Get into good habits

A large red flag

4. Avoid bad habits

Someone using a smartphone

5. Get support from family and friends

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About the author

Kate Wood - Work Health Hub and Mental Health Productivity Project Manager

Kate Wood
Project Manager Mental Health and Productivity Pilot

I lead on the Mental Health and Productivity Pilot, working with organisations to support them in rolling out effective mental health and wellbeing initiatives across their workforce. I also lead on the new initiative from the University - The Work Health Hub, an online platform dedicated to the mental health and wellbeing of the workforce.