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Mari Olan, International Student, has first-hand experience of studying abroad and feeling homesick. Here she gives some tips on how to beat homesickness.

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Your personal statement is a key part of your university application. Follow Anisha's tips on planning and perfecting your personal statement.

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Before starting University Lara Gracis knew she wanted to use every networking opportunity she could to make herself as employable as she could be.

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Considering a postgraduate course? Student Emily Eaton offers some advice on how to choose your course and look forward to a bright future.

Students smiling at freshers

Life as a Fresher or new student is a busy time. Follow Anisha's top tips to help you make the most out of your first weeks at university

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Emily Webb has been talking to Jacob Dobson, a geography enthusiast to find out why he chose to study at the University of Derby.

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Festival can be the high point of the entire summer, Tom Cain runs through his festival essentials that keep his festival experience a good one.

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Be it in music or writing, plagiarism – “stealing other’s ideas” – is a complicated and yet serious offence. So how can universities help students improve their writing and avoid it? Professor James Elander, Head of Psychological Research, gives his top tips.

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Ewelina Wisniewska gives her top tips on how to budget for university. Find out how to plan ahead, save money and stretch out your student loan.