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How I chose my postgraduate course

There are many options available for someone who has just finished their undergraduate degree; among them are internships, finding full-time work or going onto a postgraduate course.

By Emily Eaton - 8 September 2017

Here I’ll explain why I chose to come back to the University of Derby to study for an MA in Publishing.

Take your time

When I finished my undergraduate degree in Theatre Arts, I was unsure of my next steps. I love the learning environment and enjoy researching new areas, so the one thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to study more.

The big question was ‘study what?’ I ordered a bunch of prospectuses to look over, but nothing caught my attention straight away.  So I decided to gain some life experience by working in hospitality, using my customer service experience to earn a bit of money.

I took my time. I did not want to just rush and choose any course, then be unhappy with it, end up regretting it and feeling that I had wasted a year.

What is your passion?

As soon as I saw the University of Derby was starting a new course, the MA in Publishing, I was intrigued. I love books and found the outline of the course very exciting. I mean, after years of reading books, for me, it felt that the natural step was to start studying them!

My mum and I went along to an Open Day where I met the course director Alistair Hodge, and his passion and sheer enthusiasm for the publishing industry was infectious.

I put my application in that night and was ecstatic when I was offered a place. Coupling my passion for learning and my passion for books seemed the perfect route to take. So I encourage anybody considering postgraduate study to consider their passion and maybe, just maybe, they can combine the two.

Choosing the MA in Publishing

Studying at postgraduate level has allowed me to study in more depth than ever before. The course is very focused, while at the same time it gives a great overview of the publishing industry. I was and I still am happy that I waited for a course that excited me. Postgraduate study is hard enough, so make sure it is something you enjoy and are interested in.

About the author

Emily Eaton
MA Publishing student

I'm currently studying MA Publishing. I progressed from my undergraduate degree in Theatre Arts at Derby after a three-year break from education. I love all things theatre and book-related. I am from a very big family and we are all very close, so I spend a lot of time with them, my partner and my lovely Border collie Albie.