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A top down image of a young woman working at a desk on a laptop with several books, one of which is open.

Sophie describes how she has worked to get the most out of studying online.

A woman on a phone with an open laptop in front of her on her desk

Victoria depicts what has been good about having the chance to work from home during her MSc in Marketing Management.

A University dorm room with a view to some trees. A laptop is open on the desk in the corner

Marketing and Adverstising student, Jack McGuinness, reveals his top tips to making the most out of learning remotely.

Top down view of a student walking down stairs while looking at his phone

Joanne Jones, Student Services Manager at the University of Derby, gives tips to students with additional needs who are applying to university in Clearing.

Weronika outside at graduation in her gown and cap holding her postgraduate certificate

Weronika describes how her postgraduate course in Marketing Management at the University of Derby helped develop her confidence and learn new skills.

A headshot of Postgraduate Student Manaal Mulla on a black background

Many students undertake postgraduate study to gain the skills and knowledge required for a specialist career. This is true for Counselling and Psychotherapy student Manaal Mulla, a trainee psychotherapist with big plans for her future in the health sector.

A headshot of Accounting BA Student Simran Kaur Chohan in front of some trees

Simran describes how a volunteering opportunity she took at the University of Derby helped with her Accounting and Finance course.

A desk with a laptop, open textbook, and various writing materials

Second year Marketing student, Aaliyah describes their experience of transitioning to remote learning during Covid-19.

Manaal Mulla standing on a street in Derby outside a park

Manaal describes her thought process in finding a place to call home during COVID-19.

A teacher standing in front of a flipchart with a pen in her hand

Emma divulges her experience of training to become a teacher and details life on University campus.