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At the University of Derby, you'll find an exciting range of opportunities within and outside of your studies for you to develop your current interests, boost your employability and career prospects, and make the most of your student life.

a pile of books on a desk

Masters student Jill Baker takes us through her approach to flexible study and how it is helping her to achieve her postgraduate degree.

a person writing notes

Postgraduate student, Ruth Gray, takes us through how flexible study helps her to fit her postgraduate studies around her self employed life

Person at a desk using a laptop.

Postgraduate student, Ruth Gray, explains how she found ways in which to fund her studies. 

person writing in a notebook next to a laptop and smart phone at a desk.

Tanith Jones talks about she funded her postgraduate study and why she chose to carry on studying after her undergraduate degree.

Bowen Shang discusses her experience of transitioning to postgraduate study and shares advice for students thinking of progressing to postgraduate level.

The final university year can be daunting. Danielle Roe shares some top tips on how to survive - and even enjoy - what may be your last year in education.

Derby County

Olivia Fox shares her journey of securing a fully funded Football Journalism Scholarship with the University of Derby, in partnership with Derby County Ladies.

Widening Access Co-ordinators at the University of Derby discuss the benefits of being a Student Ambassador and the ways they can inspire young people.

Zara Kayani explores what mindfulness is and how it can be used to help improve our mental health.