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An open book

If you're considering a postgraduate course but unsure what to expect, Emily Eaton shares her take on how to approach postgraduate study.

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Choosing a university course is a big decision that will have an impact on your future. How do you go about deciding which degree to study? Emily Harper shares her three top tips to bear in mind.

 a Building in derby

University blogger, Emily Webb, looks at the best places in Derby to celebrate the end of exams and the final days of your university year.

A person with crossed legs typing with a computer, wearing a watch and jewellery

If you're considering studying part-time alongside work here are some top tips on how to strike the right balance from people who have been there.

A phone looking at the UNiDays app

Always attached to your phone? Blogger Emily Webb gives you the top 5 apps you should be using to get the most out of your phone and student life!

A person writing onto a pad, with headphones and a computer with headphones

If you are wondering what university will be like, and how your life is about to change, recent graduate Emily Harper shares her insight.

Students playing badminton

Emily Webb shares why she joined the Badminton Society and some of her favourite memories from her time in the society.

Student doing coursework with coffee, laptop and notes

Emily Webb shares her advice on the first year at university for other students in their first year and prospective students who are finishing their A-levels.

A student sitting under a tree with headphones on

For students, each new year can bring a spell of homesickness after spending Christmas with family and friends. Here are some top tips on how to combat second term blues and enjoy university life.

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