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University Stories: Computer Games Modelling and Animation

Recently I’ve been finding out a bit about why some students have chosen to study at the University of Derby. I have spoken to David Sibřina, an International Computer Game Modelling and Animation student, who has travelled from the Czech Republic to become a student here.

By Emily Webb - 29 June 2017

Tell me more about your course…

I am a first-year student studying Computer Game Modelling and Animation. We design and make animation for computer games. Everything seen in games such as buildings, characters, cars or destruction are made by computer game designers. The course provides a wide spectrum of modules, for example; Computer Games Modelling, Conceptual Art Development and Introduction to 3D Animation.

How did you know that this is the course for you?

I used to study at Private College of Computer Science in Prague. At the college, we focussed on graphics systems and web-development where I found myself developing strong skills in design. I started with 2D design like web design, and after I moved onto 3D design. I am working to improve my skills in this area. 3D art amazes me because you can make anything from buildings to whole new worlds! There are no boundaries, you can do anything you want to.

What would you like to do after you graduate?

I would like to work for a large company which deals with games or films, this will allow me to gain experience in how the software works in a professional environment. I would love to become a Design Supervisor, however my dream is to establish my own studio and work as a freelancer.

Why did you choose to come to the University of Derby?

I chose the University of Derby for many reasons, one being their teaching quality. Our teachers are real professionals, and they provide us with the best knowledge on computer design within the industry. I love that the classrooms are not so traditional as they are arranged in a studio format – this creates the ideal environment. There are great facilities here such as; equipment, labs, sport-centre and a wide selection of halls. The university provides everything we need to achieve good results.

Have you joined any societies at the University?

I have joined the Badminton society and Derby International Society. Joining the Badminton society was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’ve met some great people and we often hang out with each other outside of the matches. I hope we will all join again next year.

When moving to the UK, how did the University help?

Before the move to Derby, the University sent me a lot of helpful information regarding their campus and facilities. When I arrived, I was gifted a starter package which included some of the essentials such as a duvet, pillow and cooking utensils.

The British culture is very close to me and I hope that I will stay here after my graduation.

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