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How can I organise myself at uni?

Balancing your workload with daily tasks and part time work is going to be the biggest challenge when attending university. You may find yourself excelling in one aspect but not the other, this is perfectly normal. It is almost certain that there is not a single student who has got this nailed! 

By Emily Webb - 30 August 2017

That being said, it is important to try and organise your priorities by making simple adjustments to your everyday life.

Invest in a diary

A bit old fashioned, and perhaps reminds you of school but having the ability to physically write a task down will keep you prepared for the time ahead. Get into the habit of writing each commitment down as soon as it crops up, it will mean you won’t have any nasty surprises! Try and find one that is relatively small so you’re happy carrying it, but make sure it is big enough for your notes.

Meal Plan

It is always nice to have a cheeky treat every now and then but begin to think about creating a meal plan. Having a meal plan allows you to look ahead at your week in meals and organise when you shop. This will reduce panic if you’ve forgotten to buy food or get something out the freezer!

Write a to-do list

As well as keeping planners, having a daily to-do list can enable you to break your day down into small achievable chunks. Spreading out larger more daunting tasks over a few days can suddenly make life much simpler. Getting a little bit of work done will mean you won’t be feeling guilty for putting anything off. The sense of satisfaction of ticking off a task is also pretty great too!

Getting enough sleep

Sleep is key to having a good day or even a good week. The slightest lack of energy will mean you’ll find yourself struggling to manage tasks to the best standard. According to the National Sleep Foundation, it is recommended for young adults (18-25) to have between 7-9 hours sleep a night.

Remember to say ‘No’ 

It is important to socialise and have a great time out with friends. However, if you find that you are feeling pressured to go on a night out when deadlines are nearing, learn to say no. Prioritise your studies, it is what you’re here for at the end of the day. If classmates have missed a lecture and you find yourself teaching them, encourage them to seek help from a teacher. Try to not take on other peoples problems and you won’t be panicking.

Follow these pointers and you’ll be set to live a stress-free university experience!

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Emily Webb
Textiles Design Student

Aspiring textiles designer now in the second year of university and planning to make a career in the digital print industry. As hobbies I like to post on my lifestyle/fashion blog and youtube channel as well as continuing to be creative at home. Badminton player and dog person.