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7 Top Festival Essentials

Everyone knows that a festival can easily become a high point of the entire summer, but there are a few mistakes that can turn any music lover’s paradise into a field-centric hell!

By Tom Cain - 21 July 2017

With this in mind I thought it would be great to run through what I consider to be the essentials for any festival goer based on my many past experiences, and a selection of lessons that I have learned (the hard way…)

Here are my top 7 festival essentials


This is my number one festival essential. When it comes to late night toilet trips, finding things in your tent and making sure you don’t trip over anybody while finding your way through camp a torch is going to be your best friend. If you forget to bring one you might just find you’re quite literally lost without it.

Duct Tape

As my Grandad used to say, if you can’t fix something with duct tape, then you haven’t used enough. Duct tape is the saving grace that every festival professional can’t be without. If you snap a tent pole, rip a hole in your coat or even need a way to plug up your leaky boots, duct tape is your fix all solution.

Folding Chair

You can be sure you don’t need one, but it will take you 10 minutes to wish you had taken one. Any ordinary person can sit on the ground, that’s a given, but why not elevate yourself and complete your festival kingdom with a throne fit for your surroundings.

Pot Noodles

Weighing up festival snacks can be a tricky business, but when you’re looking for the perfect provision a pot noodle is a good direction to head in. Just heat up some water and get stuck in, or embrace the time honoured tradition of a crunchy pot noodle biscuit; no water required. Who needs a blanket when you’ve got a Bombay Badboy to keep you warm.

Baby Wipes

This festival essential is surely a given. You’re bound to get mucky at a festival even if you manage to dodge a colour run or opt out of a particularly saucy burrito. Ensure you’re prepared for the glorious grime of festival life and bring a stack of baby wipes. Simple, it’s a shower in a packet.

Sledge/Trolley/Anything with wheels you can drag along

For those of us who have either forgotten or never embarked upon the epic trek you encounter from car to camp, this may seem like a strange suggestion, but trust me, you will not regret this decision. Any form of dragging device saves you time and pain when heading in and out of the festival.

Flag and Pole

Nobody likes to be forgotten, so why leave it up to chance when you can fly your flag for everyone to see. This essential not only makes your mark on the campsite but a flag on a high pole makes it 100 times easier to find your tent when heading back. Just make sure a rival camp doesn’t try to pinch your glorious flag!

With these top tips you’re sure to have a fantastic time, and I’m sure you’ll come away with some amazing festival memories.

About the author

Tom Cain
Sound, Light and Live Event Technology graduate

I've just finished my degree in Sound, Light and Live Event Technology at the University of Derby. I am passionate about lighting design for live events and event management. I am excited about working at Y Not festival to see how a large scale festival works and also to gain valuable experience in an important role in the industry.