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University Stories: Geography

Emily Webb has been talking to Jacob Dobson, a geography enthusiast to find out why he chose to study at the University of Derby.

By Emily Webb - 26 July 2017

Tell me more about your course…

I am a first year student studying Geography. The course is designed around all aspects of geography and gives you the opportunity to specialise in human, physical and environmental areas within the subject. Our course involves having a lot of practical sessions, where we have the chance to get hands on experience. We also have occasional field trips, the latest being to Skegness. The trips allow us to compare or relate our textbook work to reality.

How did you know that this is the course for you?

When I was younger, I was always intrigued when watching National Geographic and I take a huge inspiration from David Attenborough. Because of this, I showed a great interest in Geography at secondary school and chose to study it at GCSE and A-level. Since then I have learnt so much more about different countries and their cultures, as well as Earth’s natural processes. When looking at the course at the University of Derby, I was pleased all aspects of geography were taught as I am interested in both areas.

What would you like to do after you graduate?

I am unsure of the exact job role that I want, but I know that I want to work within the geography industry. Due to the nature of the course, I can apply any skills I have learnt into various job roles whether they are geography related or not. This means that I have a lot of options available to me.

Why did you choose to come to the University of Derby?

I was attracted by Derby’s location as I live nearby in Nottingham, this meant I had an idea of the area. Although I don’t live far, I still chose to live in halls as I enjoy the independence, however, I have also got the option of going home if I need to. I came to an open day which made me really excited to join. I was impressed with how the course compared to other universities and decided that the course that best suited me was taught at Derby. It was the best university for geography for me.

Have you joined any societies at the university?

I have joined both the Geography and the Badminton society. I have made new sets of friends who are great to hang out with, it’s nice to be with people of the same interests. Next year I’m looking at joining Futsal too – something new for me.

What have you enjoyed most about your first year?

I have loved being able to socialise with new people. At university, it’s like you get a chance to start again and really develop your social skills. The campus here offers some great hangout spots such as 67 Bridge Street, where you can eat, drink and catch up with everybody. I’ve discovered how fun nightlife can be and in Derby, there are lots of choices available.

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