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Make the most of Freshers

Second year Accounting and Finance student Jack Hanson shares his best advice for Freshers based on how he experienced his own

By Jack Hanson - 19 September 2023

Hey there guys! I’m gonna be telling you all about how to make the most of Freshers - your introductory chapter to university and essentially the beginning of your new life. It's all about spreading your wings, growing up, and, of course, having a blast.

No matter whether you're a rider on this exciting journey or a parent watching their kid take the plunge, you're in the right place. I've got the lowdown on what you need to make the most of your time here. 

1. The uni checklist

Before you dive headfirst into all the studying and partying, let's tackle the boring but necessary stuff. Enrol in your courses, sort out your finances, and make sure you're ready for anything life throws at you, all while grabbing that magical Unicard. Oh, and don't skip those course inductions; they're your academic survival guide. Get these admin tasks out of the way, and you'll set yourself up for a smoother ride.  

2. Friends not foe

The best part about uni? Meeting a bunch of new people. Freshers' week is your golden ticket to friendship land. Trust us; everyone's super friendly right now. You might not become BFFs with everyone, but having a crew of acquaintances is a lifesaver. Knowing names and faces will make navigating campus life a piece of cake, and from a business perspective, think about it as networking, everyone studying their own specific subject could always come in handy, like having a friend who knows about tech when you’re trying to buy a new laptop. 

3. City life

Uni isn't just about textbooks; it's about exploring a new city! So, go on adventures, find the coolest coffee spots, and chill in the parks. Seeing your new home through a student's eyes makes it feel like you belong. Besides, you need something to do after your classes, treat yourself to a meal in the city centre or a casual drink with the new friends that you’ve made. I love football and bought a season ticket, which is one way you can utilise the city you’re in. 

View from the stand at Pride Park during a football match
A line-up of Derby American Football players along our 4G pitch
Jack and American Football teammates

4. Flatmate bonding

Living in halls or shared accommodation is a big part of the uni experience. To break the ice with your roomies, do stuff together. Plan city adventures, and keep your door open for random chats – it's all about building a home away from home. Make the flat want to socialise together by keeping your shared living space clear. It’s the same as keeping your mind clear, as having a nice, social living environment can play a big part in your life.  

5. Join the fun

Uni isn't just study central; it's also where your passions take center stage. Want to kick a ball around or share your love for a hobby? Join a sports team or a student club. You'll meet cool folks who share your interests and get to have a blast while you're at it. Before uni, I had never even touched an American football, yet I'm entering my second year and I couldn’t love a sport any more! I’ve met so many people through societies and sports and it’s the one thing I'd recommend to anyone. There’s organised socials, trips and more.  

6. Finale

As you kick off this uni adventure, don't stress about having the "perfect" freshers experience. What matters most is setting the stage for an awesome year ahead. Embrace the chance to learn, grow, and make new friends. Keep that curiosity burning, and you're all set for an epic time.  

Regardless of what happens, make the most of university because it is a life changing experience that will set the foundations for the future to come, and as long as you try your best in everything you do, there isn’t more that you can do. One of my coaches said ‘proper planning prevents poor performance', so use these tips and enjoy freshers!  

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