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Things you should pack for university (that you will probably forget)

Are you moving to university in September? The next few weeks will likely be filled with frantic packing and excitement. My name is Izzy and I study BSc (Hons) Marketing (Digital) and lived in Agard Court during my first year. Here is a list of items that I found super handy that often get left at home.

By Izzy Moxham-Mead - 3 August 2021

Shoe rack

One of the best things I brought with me was a shoe rack. No shoes were left in the middle of an untidy floor, as I had a designated space for them. In turn, this kept my floor tidy, and the room felt more spacious.

Drawer dividers

All halls at the University of Derby come with excellent storage spaces and plenty of places to store clothes. I found drawer dividers helpful when organising my clothes. Everything had its place and was kept tidy. 

Portable speaker

Portable speakers are perfect for student life. Want to listen to music when washing up? Are tunes required at pre-drinks? Need some study music to help you focus? A portable speaker is a solution in all these settings. Make sure you don’t forget your speaker.

Board games

Board games are a fantastic way to make friends at university. They are an excellent activity at pre-drinks before a night out. Additionally, they are perfect for a quiet night in with friends. So, if you have a spare set of playing cards or a Monopoly set at home, bring them with you.

HDMI cable

Did you know each hall comes with a TV in the flat? HDMI cables connect a TV to a laptop. Alternatively, use a smart stick. This gives you more flexibility in what you can watch on the screen. Does anyone want to watch that new Netflix show?

A person holds a pair of trainers in one hand and a pair of orange sandals in another. They are sitting on their bed, next to a suitcase which contains headphones, folders and a mobile phone.
People playing board games

Don’t worry about the following items, they will already be in your room:

And here are some essentials you shouldn't forget:

I hope these lists come in useful when packing for university. However, don’t stress if you do forget to pack some items. Derby has plenty of shops, including Wilko and Primark, so you can easily pick up anything you forget.

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Izzy Moxham-Mead
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I'm currently a Marketing (Digital) student at the University of Derby. I work as a Marketing Representative and a Social Media Assistant alongside my course. This has helped me gain fantastic, relevant work experience whilst studying at the University.