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Five tips to have the best time during Freshers

Freshers is often a crazy time, filled with a mixture of nerves and excitement about starting university. Here are five tips for Freshers that I wish I had known before starting my first year. 

By Izzy Moxham-Mead - 3 August 2021

1. Save up money

Freshers’ can add up and be expensive. It might be a good idea to save up money during summer. This could be through a part-time job, babysitting, or selling your old clothes online. I’d recommend saving a minimum of £100, so you can say yes to social activities without worrying about finances.

2. Set up your room first

You might want to launch yourself into the social aspects of university. However, I’d recommend unpacking before attending any activity, as it’s comforting to come back to an organised room that feels your own.

3. Schedule some downtime

It is crucial to not burn yourself out during Freshers’. Make sure to pace yourself and schedule some downtime. This could be watching a comforting TV show or catching up on sleep.

Freshers' party. People holding their hands up in the air under blue lighting.
Plastic sunglasses with novelty eyes lined against a windowsill in student halls of residence.
Students in their halls kitchen

4. Bond with your flatmates

Getting to know your flatmates will make you feel more comfortable when living in halls. You could bond during a food shop, when organising the kitchen, or on a night out.

5. Attend your lectures and seminars

You might want to attend every event happening, but remember to attend your lectures and seminars. These sessions are often centred around introducing you to the course and university and are very important for settling into university life. 

Make sure you buy your Freshers’ Wristband for entry to incredible events organised by the Union of Students. This is available on the Union’s website. I hope you have a fantastic Freshers’ and make some amazing memories.

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