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Five tips on how to create a Halloween outfit

31 October 2021

It’s officially Halloween season. Do you enjoy dressing up? Whether it be as your favourite fictional character or a classic vampire. You can use these five tips and tricks to save money during the spooky season.

Make a budget

First, create a budget specifically for Halloween. Keep in mind how much you want to spend on this year’s event, factor in costumes, drinks, and event tickets. Remember, Christmas is eight weeks away, so you don’t want to spend all your money at once.

Accessories, accessories, accessories

Don’t underestimate the power of accessories. Simply pair your favourite little black dress with some cat ears or a white dress with a set of angel wings. Two outfits sorted, already! This is the best way to keep yourself on budget and you can wear your accessories at university socials and house parties well after the Halloween season.

Man and woman in Day of the Dead costumes

Shop in cheaper stores

You don’t need to spend lots of money to have a fantastic costume. Have you looked at Primark’s Halloween section? Why don’t you visit Poundland in search of Halloween accessories and decorations?

Consider recycling old t-shirts

Do you have an old t-shirt that you’ve grown bored of or perhaps has lost its shape? Try tie-dyeing tops red to look like blood or write something witty on a shirt for a quick and easy costume.

Think outside the box

What’s Halloween without a little bit of creativity? Put your creative mind to the challenge and come up with something new and exciting this year.

Whatever you're up to this Halloween, these tips will help you whether you are heading to somebody’s house party or a fun, themed club night.