Black History Month 2021

Black History Month serves to remind everyone that black people have been key creative and game-changing contributors to the UK throughout history. It is a response to the invisibility many black people feel and challenges the negative imagery and stereotypes that are still a real part of popular culture, politics and the media. 

It aims to inspire pride amongst black people of all ages. It seeks to help all of us challenge the devastating impact of racism through greater knowledge and understanding, making black history accessible and relevant to everyone. 

We take pride in all our students and staff and seek to challenge prejudice at every level of the organisation. We say to all our black staff and students that we continue to learn from your history and our shared history, and we celebrate who you are - not just during Black History month, but every month. 

Our Union of Students has information on ways you can get involved

For more information and details of events running across the UK, visit blackhistorymonth.org.uk


Picture of Kamil Omoteso Dean of the College of Business Law and Social Sciences

As a member of the executive team, I see Black History Month as an opportunity to take the University forward on its EDI journey. We create avenues for staff and students to understand the present from our past so that together, we can forge a better future.

Professor Kamil Omoteso
PVC Dean, College of Business, Law and Social Sciences
Picture of Cleveland Thompson, Vice-Chair of the Staff Race Equality Network

Although black history should be celebrated every day rather than a particular month of the year, Black History Month (BHM), gives us all an opportunity to celebrate the positive contributions that the black diaspora has made to all walks of life.

Cleveland Thompson
Vice-Chair, Staff Race Equality Network
Catherine John-Baptiste - Chair of the staff Race Equality Network

BHM aims to inspire pride amongst black people of all ages, sexualities, and gender identities. It seeks to help all of us challenge the devastating impact of racism through greater knowledge, hope & understanding, making black history accessible & relevant.

Catherine John-Baptiste
Chair of the staff Race Equality Network Senior Lecturer, HPSC.
Picture of Odreika McLean, Student Ethnic Minorities Officer

Black History Month is not only a celebration of how far we have come as a society from the days of slavery and colonialism but also a reminder of the continued strength, courage and fortitude of black people, despite the racial challenges that we may face.

Odreika McLean
Student Ethnic Minorities Officer, Union of Students
Picture of Michelle, Lecturer Health and Social Care

Black History Month is an important time of the year for me as it reminds me of some of the cruel and inflicted hardships that black people have faced for hundreds of years. It is also a time of celebration and I am proud to support Black History Month!

Michelle Brooks-Ucheaga, FHEA
Lecturer in Health and Social Care
Happy BAME student in University of Derby atrium at a Freshers event

Role models and allies

Our role models and allies support the diverse communities at the University. They recognise and demonstrate, through their work, that everyone has an important contribution to make.

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