The University of Derby’s Strategic Framework 2018-30 sets out our long-term direction and aspirations for our institution, our staff and our students. The Strategic Framework informs the development of our People Strategy which describes how we will meet our ambitious goals through the people we employ and others who work with us in helping us to deliver a world class student experience.

We are proud of our staff and understand that the best student experience can only be delivered if the people we have working for us share our vision, our ambitions and our dedication to delivering excellence. We understand the importance of a high-quality staff experience to get the best out of people in a high-performance culture where we strive to compete with the very best in the sector.

We recognise that the world of work is continually changing and along with it, people’s expectations of the workplace and ways of working. We value our employees as individuals and recognise that our working methods need to adapt to be fully inclusive and to ensure we can attract and retain the most talented individuals from a diverse talent pool.

We recognise that we are operating in a continually changing, and volatile environment which presents us with significant challenges but also exciting opportunities to consider innovative solutions to the challenges we face.

I am proud to present our People Strategy which has been developed following consultation and engagement with our staff and other stakeholders, as well as views received from staff surveys and engagement activity related to the development of our Strategic Framework.

Sarah Setchell
Chief People Officer

Our Values

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Values People


Future Focused


Our People

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Two female students having a discussion in Blends cafe at our Kedleston Road site.

We value people and are future-focused. We are bold and foster brilliance. Our culture is one in which diverse skills and experiences are valued. We are open-minded, with individuals given the space and support to develop and grow.

We work as a community, with a sense of purpose which translates itself into a single shared passion among all staff to provide the best possible experience for our students,
partners and stakeholders.

We trust and support each other to deliver on our promises. We listen and act with integrity to build positive, long lasting partnerships. We think big, and encourage our students, partners, city, county and region to do the same. We have passion, ambition and look for opportunities to stretch and challenge ourselves and others.

Our confident and adaptable approach to change means we work together to challenge, take the lead and set the pace. We are curious and optimistic and do not accept mediocrity.

Strategic Themes

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Talent and Success

We have passion and ambition, and enable people to achieve beyond their expectations.

Leadership and Management

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Our leaders create an environment where people are accountable, strive for success and are supported and trusted to deliver.

Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing

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We work in a culture that promotes wellbeing, diversity and opportunity for all.


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A journalism academic talking to a student

We are the only university in the city and we will encourage our staff to seek new opportunities to work with and engage our partners in the city and country.

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