Governing Council

The governing body of the University and the board of directors of the company is known as the Governing Council. The Inclusion Statement and Primary Responsibilities of Governing Council are set out below.

Governing Council Inclusion Statement

As Governors, we share the University’s passion for Inclusion and Wellbeing. We role model and promote the values of diversity and inclusion and support the University in its mission to be an Applied University of Today and for Tomorrow, creating equitable opportunities for all students and staff to thrive and achieve successful outcomes. Our goal is that everyone in our university communities feels supported, respected, and free from bias. We do this by: 

Governing Council Responsibilities

The powers and framework for governance are set out in the Governing Council Ordinances and Articles of Association and is guided by the Committee of University Chairs (CUC) HE Code of Governance - Updated 2020.

View a full list of the Primary Responsibilities of Governing Council.

You can read the letter from the Privy Council establishing the University of Derby in 1993.

The University engaged in an external Governance Effectiveness Review in 2023.

2023/24 Governing Council Meetings:

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