Environment and Sustainability at the University of Derby

As a university with a strong focus and awareness of our impact on the local, national and global environment, we are particularly conscious of our responsibilities.

Students, staff and visitors, all contribute to the university's environmental impact and to this end we aim to encompass environmental sustainability in all aspects of the university, including; teaching, research, operational and international activities. The university is an integral part of the local community and have the ability to have a strong influence on environmental issues.

To reach the goal of achieving ISO 14001 certification, the University has an executive-led Environmental Steering Group, which advises the governing council on environmental issues. 

The protection and enhancement of the environment is a collective responsibility, and the university wants to lead by example. However we know we can not do this by ourselves. We'd love to hear from you with feedback or suggestions on how we can reduce our environmental impact, and if you would like to get involve in any of our works. 

The University has an Environmental Management System, enforces and monitors the strategic and operational control and legal compliance of activities which can result in damage to the environment.

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