Environmental Sustainability Research Centre

The Environmental Sustainability Research Centre (ESRC) provides students, academics, government agencies, industry and business with exciting opportunities to contribute to urgent global challenges in climate change and sustainable development. This group includes the Nature Connected Research Group and the Biological Sciences Research Group.

Nature Connectedness Research Group

The Nature Connectedness Research Group aims to understand people's connection to nature and create everyday interventions in order to improve connectedness, bringing about the associated benefits in well-being and conservation behaviour. 

Biological Sciences Research Group

This group of academics conducts interdisciplinary research in a variety of biological subject areas including work on the environment and sustainability. One such piece of research was conducted by Michael Sweet, Lecturer in Invertebrate Biology at the University of Derby has found that in order to save coral reefs and fisheries, scientists must improve their collaborations in small island states.

Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Engineering

The Institute works with SMEs to help provide cutting-edge solutions for the challenges faced. Professor Paul Stewart is leading this group at the University of Derby as the Energy and Environment Research Chair.

Business Innovation for a Low Carbon Economy

These researchers sit within the Centre for Business Improvement and conduct practical and applied research to help organisations progress with green or low carbon innovation. 

Centre for Supply Chain Improvement

The research in this Centre for Supply Chain Improvement has three broad areas of focus: technology innovation, system improvement and process re-engineering their sustainability work includes; Green Lean, Sustainable, Green and Circular Operations and Supply Chains.  

Visitor Economy Research Group

A group of researchers who conduct research into the impacts of tourism, which includes work on sustainability.