Your Sustainability Team

Helen Rutherford (MSc. BSc. (Hons), AIEMA)

Head of Compliance and Sustainability 

Helen leads the team in all aspects of Sustainability, Compliance, Risk Management, Energy and Utility Management, and the Environmental Management System. 

She joined the university in 2015 and has helped the university gain it's BSI ISO 14001:2015 accreditation during this time. Helen aims to provide support in the areas of sustainability and compliance with the Estate Management department and our Student Living Team, alongside other stakeholders. 

The team is responsible for coordinating the required reporting on topics that relate to sustainability, including; travel, transport, recycling, and resource use, project development, estate maintenance and other areas including procurement, finance, and other university activities. 

Helen is part of the Environmental Compliance Group.

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Liz Hunt MSc. BSc.

Environment and Sustainability Manager

Liz is responsible for the coordination of the university's Environmental Management System. This includes ensuring all aspects of the BSI ISO 14001 standards are met.

She offers support to all departments in relation to the activities which have the potential to cause environmental harm if not completed correctly. This includes compliance with environmental legislation as well as the university's sustainability strategy and objectives. 

Liz has oversight of all aspects of the Environmental Management System that are pivotal in the behavioral change campaigns and student, staff and visitor engagement throughout the university.

Liz joined the university in 2020, she is the newest member of the team and is a key member of the Environmental Compliance Group.

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