Environmental and Sustainability Champions

Environmental groups

To more easily divide up tasks and develop our actions and objectives we have groups that work on the overall environmental aims and report back to the Office to the Vice-Chancellor. These are as follows:

Environmental Compliance Group

This group aims to ensure that the University remains compliant with our Environmental Management System and maintains our BSI ISO 14001 2015 accreditation.

Chair: Professor Malcolm Todd

Professor Chris Bussell, c.bussell@derby.ac.uk Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of the College of Life and Natural Sciences
Carl Longworth, c.longworth@derby.ac.uk Director of Estate Management
Helen Rutherford, h.rutherford@derby.ac.uk Quality and Compliance Manager
Thomas Store, t.store@derby.ac.uk Energy Manager
Liz Hunt, l.hunt@derby.ac.uk Environment and Sustainability Manager
Steve Taylor, s.taylor@derby.ac.uk

Technical Manager (Life and Natural Sciences)

Dale Baker, d.baker@derby.ac.uk

Ops and Response Centre Delivery Manager (IT Services)

Denise China, d.china@derby.ac.uk Head of Category Management (Finance)
Richard Bostock, r.bostock@derby.ac.uk Technical Team Leader (Engineering and Technology)
Rob Laidlaw, laidlaw-robert@aramark.co.uk General Manager (Aramark Catering)
Martin Beaumont, martin.beaumont@derbyunion.co.uk Operational Manager (Union of Students)
Joel Klaff, j.l.klaff@derby.ac.uk Lecturer in LawBusiness (Law and Social Sciences)

Sustainability Innovation and Ideas Forum

Chair: Till Roething

Aims of the forum are to:

Biodiversity Group

Chair: Anne Danby

This group is tasked with working on the objectives of our Biodiversity Action Plan and help promote our biodiversity to staff and students. Their objectives are:

Responsible Futures Group

Chair: Chris Ribchester

This group is tasked with working on embedding sustainability into everything we do at the university, whether that be through sustainable procurement or education for sustainable development.

Fairtrade Committee

Chair: Rosemary Horry

Learn more about Fairtrade at Derby.


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Athens Ethical Principles

On 23 June 2016, Vice-Chancellor Professor Kathryn Mitchell committed the University to uphold the Modern Slavery act. The declaration, which was also witnessed and signed by the Archbishop of Canterbury and Bishop of Derby, is a public declaration that we will adopt a zero-tolerance approach to human trafficking and modern slavery. View our Signed Athens Pledge.