Our Environmental Champions

Environmental Steering Group

 Chair: Rosemary Horry

The University's Environmental Steering Group (ESG) has representation from across the University and advises the Executive and Governing Council on environmental issues.

MembersRepresenting Responsibilities
Chris Bussell Vice Chancellor's Executive Chair and University sponsor for environment at the University of Derby. Eco Champion for the Vice Chancellor's Executive and Governing Council
Neil Williams


Improving the energy efficiency and resource uses connected to IT use and provision. Eco Champion for IT
Rosemary Horry University Delivery of the Sustainability Strategy. Eco Champion for Living Lab. Chair of Biodiversity Action Plan Working Group and Fairtrade Committee. Member of CWG, Responsible Futures Working Group and Chair of the Communications Working Group. Sustainable Food
Helen Rutherford Estates Member of the Communications Working Group to deliver effective environmental communication, Eco training in Estates, Environmental Legal Compliance Register, Eco Champion for Estates
Annie Downes Estates Member of the Carbon Management Working Group. Working with the group to produce CMP4. Researching energy efficiency schemes for consideration by the group. Eco Champion for Estates
John O'Neill Estates Ensuring eco considerations in all estates refurbs and new developments. Eco Champion for Estates
Paul Lynch Life and Natural Sciences and Research Highlighting research or research opportunities linked to sustainability. Eco Champion for Research and College of Life and Natural Sciences
Joel Klaff Business, Law and Social Sciences Responsible Futures Working Group Chair. Eco Champion for College of Business, Law and Social Sciences
Helen Beckett Finance Developing costing for business cases, environmental credentials in terms of investment and living wage opportunities, Eco Champion for Finance
Steve Taylor Technicians Ensuring compliance and improvements in our use of resources within the technical areas. Eco Champion for the technicians
Mark Travers Derby Student Residence Limited (DSRL) and Commercial Services Sustainable Food Policy and Sustainability in Derbyshire Student Residences Limited (DSRL)
Rob Fowler The Registry Ensuring students are informed of the environmental initiatives and opportunities. Eco Champion for The Registry
Anne Danby Quality Member of the Biodiversity Working Group and Responsible Futures Working Group, Ecological Expert. Eco Champion for Quality
Richard Walsh Chaplaincy Fairtrade Champion. Eco Champion for the Chaplaincy. Investigate options for food donations
Justin Parsons Marketing Ensuring news and information on environmental work is circulated externally. Eco Champion for Marketing
Tina Lancaster Buxton & Leek College Delivery of sustainable initiatives and Eco Champion for Buxton & Leek College
Chris Meynell Union of Students Sustainable Food Policy and Sustainability in the Union of Students
Denise China Procurement Flexible Framework. Environmental Champion for Procurement
Boris Ceranic & Eleni Tracada College of Engineering and Technology Chair of the Carbon Management Working Group - lead for CMP4. Eco Champion for College of Engineering and Technology
James Brown Estates Transport Plan, strategies for travel and transport to deliver carbon savings. Data collection for transport and travel
Ian Turner Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching Eco Champion for the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching
Mark Osbaldeston Industry Gateway Eco Champion for the Enterprise Centre
Suzy Stevenson Union of Students Sustainable Food Policy and sustainability in the Union of Students
Max Sutherland Student representative Student representative on the Environmental Steering Group
Charlie Bell Student representative Student representative on the Environmental Steering Group
Jennifer Allam Union of Students Union of Students representative - responsible for engagement with students
Richard Heath Unison Union representative on the Environmental Steering Group
UCU members University and College Union (UCU) The UCU is also represented - email the Environmental Steering Group for more information or with any questions or comments

A number of full-time staff members have environmental and sustainability responsibilities as part of their job role.

Environmental Champions

If you're interested in becoming an Environmental Champion or if you wish to find out who the Environmental Champion is in your area or department, contact Rosemary Horry.

Working Groups

To more easily divide up tasks and work on our action and objectives we have split up the ESG into 4 working groups that will work on the overall environmental aims and report back to the ESG. The groups are as follows:

Biodiversity Group

Chair: Anne Danby

This group is tasked with working on the objectives of our Biodiversity Action Plan and help promote our biodiversity to staff and students. Their objectives are:

Carbon Management Group

Chair: Boris Ceranic

This group is tasked with working on the objectives for our Carbon Management plan and helping draft our new Carbon Management Plan going forward. Their objectives are:

Responsible Futures Group

Chair: Joel Klaff

This group is tasked with working on the embedding sustainability into everything we do at the University, whether that be Sustainable Procurement or Education for Sustainable Development.

Environmental Communications Group

Chair: Rosemary Horry

This group is tasked with promoting the works and initiatives we do at the University and trying to improve student and staff engagement. All other groups will feed into this group with the works they are doing, where it will then be the Communication Groups job to publicise this. Their objectives are:

Fairtrade Committee

Chair: Rosemary Horry

Learn more about Fairtrade at Derby.


To find out more about our Research and the people involved please visit Research and teaching.


To find out more about how we work with the wider community, and our staff and students, please see how to get involved.

Athens Ethical Principles

On 23 June 2016, Vice-Chancellor Professor Kathryn Mitchell committed the University to upholding the Modern Slavery act. The declaration, which was also witnessed and signed by the Archbishop of Canterbury and Bishop of Derby, is a public declaration that we will adopt a zero-tolerance approach to human trafficking and modern slavery. View our Signed Athens Pledge